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PET FOODnabucco® Ingredients

Nabucco ® is a brand of the company Euroser SAS, supplier of premium ingredients for pet-food manufacturers in Europe. Founded in 1997 the company is an important actor for the distribution of fresh and frozen meat and co-products for human consumption. Euroser SAS decided in 2018 to continue its development in the marketing of raw materials for pet-food under the brand Nabucco®. Euroser SAS uses its know-how, especially from organic farming, to offer quality resources, and also a wide variety of services and assistance to our customers and suppliers.

For us, quality is the key. A close collaboration with our customers and our suppliers allows complete transparency in the supply chain and allows innovative solutions in the production of pet-food, especially for producers BARF "Biologically Appropriate Raw food"

Nabucco, Pet Food by Euroser

Frozen raw products, whole or crushed between 4 and 40mm frozen in plates

Beef lips – beef lungs 19mm – beef hearts – beef abomasum – beef tripes 23mm – beef masks – beef snouts – beef omasum – beef head meat – beef ears – beef livers – beef udder – beef blood – beef kidneys – veal lungs – veal spleen – veal sternum - pork ears – pork kidneys – pork livers – pork MDM – pork hearts – pork stomachs – pork neck bones – pork back bones – pork spleen – pork trimming 13mm – pork blood – duck MDM – duck carcasses – duck hearts – duck livers – duck necks – chicken MDM – poultry crushed carcasses 19 mm – chicken hearts - chicken livers – chicken necks - turkey MDM – turkey necks – turkey carcasses – turkey hearts – ovine plucks – ovine green tripes (lamb mutton) – ovine hearts – ovine livers – ovine tendons – ovine femur bone – mutton penis – ovine spleen – ovine blood – quail carcasses – quail mdm – rabbit mdm – rabbit carcasses 4mm – kanguruu MDM – deer MDM – Horse trimming – Tuna – Salmon – Trout (...)

Nabucco, Pet Food by Euroser

Animal fats

Mix fats
Pork fat
Poultry fat

BIO BARF RAW MATERIAL packaged in cartons or ployblocks

organic Chicken carcasses (BIO) 19mm
organic Poultry MDM (BIO)
organic Beef livers (BIO)
organic Beef hearts (BIO)
organic Beef head meat (BIO)
organic Beef lungs (BIO)
organic Beef kidneys (BIO)
organic Beef tracheas (BIO)
organic Beef gullets (BIO)
organic Ovine plucks (BIO)
organic Pork spleen (BIO)
organic Pork kidneys (BIO)
organic Pork hearts (BIO)
organic Pork lungs (BIO)
organic Pork neck bones (BIO)

Nabucco, Pet Food by Euroser

Dehydrated products (flours) Processed animal protein (PAT) packaged in big bags or in bulk

Beef meal
Duck meal
Ovine meal
Pork meal
Poultry meal
Rabbit meal
Mix meals